Zen Mousery is just one person — that’s me, Katy. You’re welcome to email me at any time, I try to respond quickly. You can also message me on my Facebook page.

I am also involved in running the Australian Rodent Fanciers’ Society of NSW, so I’m happy to field any questions regarding the club or rat and mouse shows.

If you’re interested in adopting a Zen mouse, please copy/paste the form to the right into your email. This will help me work out exactly what you’re after and why, so I can match you to the right mouse :)


I’ve heard boys smell, so I want a girl – but I only want one mouse. Is that ok?
Girls are social and must be kept in groups, so if you have your heart set on a girl, you will need to get 2 or more. It’s true that boys do smell more than girls, but in my experience 1 boy is about equal to 2 or 3 girls. Single boys make great pets – they bond to you strongly, usually live longer than girls, and are full of character!

Pink eyes are scary, I only want black eyes, is that ok?
You can make a reservation with an eye colour preference, but please be open minded! I do breed both pink and black eyed mice, and would like to think that the connection you can make with your pet is not just about its looks.

Where can I pick up mice from?
1. I live in Valley Heights — this is the best option. You can choose your mouse, see my setup and I can spend time with you talking through everything.
2. Every 2 months I attend the AusRFS NSW show in Box Hill, I’m usually pretty busy at shows, but can still spend some time with you, and you can still choose your mouse.
3. I work in Ultimo and can sometimes take mice to work for pick up, this is the least convenient for me, but it is still an option if the above don’t work.

What are your opening hours?
I am not a shop! Please respect that breeding mice is my hobby, and not my full-time job. The best time to catch me is on the weekend, or some weekday evenings.

Do you ship interstate/overseas?
Sorry, I don’t ship. I get plenty of people wanting mice locally, so it just doesn’t make sense to spend the extra time and effort shipping.

How long do I need to wait for a mouse?
I breed every couple of months, so depending on what stage litters are at, you could be waiting up to a couple of months for babies – longer if there are none of your desired sex/colour/type in that round. Also, more people want girls than boys, so the waiting list for girls can get quite long. If you will accept boys instead, you are more likely to get mice sooner.

Do you have litters now?
The best way to tell exactly what’s going on right now is to check my Facebook page. If I have litters, there will be recent posts with photos or updates.

Do you breed rats?
No, I don’t breed rats. I recommend joining the Australian Rodent Fanciers’ Society of NSW Facebook group and asking there if any rat breeders have babies available.


How many mice do you want?
Boys or girls?
Do you plan to show the mice?
Do you plan to breed the mice?
Are the mice for a child?
Tell me about your setup (enclosure, litter, bedding, food, other mice, etc)