Zen Armitage

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Name Zen Armitage
Colour Black Tan
Type Longcoat
Sex Female
Date of Birth 23 April 2008
Sire Zen Loki
Dam MKT Indah


Armitage had the blackest, shiniest coat you’ll ever see. She was lovely, sweet, and quiet – easy to get along with, whether you’re human or mouse. After having a litter, she took on a matriarch role in the colony, showing the younger mice what to do, where the food is, and generally being mum. Towards the end of her life, she experimented a little with the alpha role, but I think she was never really cut out for it. She was a gorgeous floppy, squishy, friendly girl and the colony isn’t quite the same without her.


Sire Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Creme Reverse Siamese Longcoat MB Koala Bear Siamese Longcoat
MB Cheeky Himalayan Standard
Black Tan Longcoat Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat
MKT Indah Black Tan Longcoat
Dam MKT Indah Black Tan Longcoat ROC Magoo Blue Tan Longcoat Rex Manx ROC Boomerang Black Tan Longcoat Rex
ROC Bubalicious Dove Tan Longcoat Rex Manx
NN Milly Black Tan Longcoat TWR Peanut Chocolate Marked Longcoat Rex
NN Willow Colourpoint Beige Longcoat Rex