Zen Aurora

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Name Zen Aurora
Colour Argente
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 14 September 2009
Sire Zen Ash
Dam Apple Eyes Savannah


Aurora’s a gorgeous girl, with an absolutely beautiful colour. She carries argente cream, so I hope to get that richness of hue in her babies when I breed her. She has a nice temperament, neither too in-your-face nor too shy. She’s always around, checking out what’s going on, making sure everything’s above board.


Sire Zen Ash Argente Cream Standard ROC Riot Bone Agouti Standard DS Taser Argente Cream Standard
ROC Coco Mock Chocolate Fox Standard
Zen Willow Chinchilla Fox Standard Zen Lugh Bone Mismarked (back spot) Standard
ROC Drusilla Chinchilla Standard
Dam Apple Eyes Savannah Argente Standard - -
- -