Zen Aven

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Name Zen Aven
Colour Bone
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 1 January 2009
Sire Zen Loki
Dam Bon Appetit


Aven is one of my favourites. Loki’s only standard baby (that we kept), her mum was a feeder mouse, who was homed into a pet home after her litters and named Bon. Aven was the only bone girl out of two litters her mum had with Loki, so was instantly special. When she turned out to be the most beautiful of her whole litter, I fell in love with her even more. She is cheeky, into everything, confident and also kind and gentle. She gets along with everyone, and is an upper-middle-rank in the colony.


Sire Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Creme Reverse Siamese Longcoat MB Koala Bear Siamese Longcoat
MB Cheeky Himalayan Standard
Bone Standard Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat
Bon Appetit Pink Eyed White Standard
Dam Bon Appetit Pink Eyed White Standard - -
- -