DogStar Ayla

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Name DogStar Ayla
Colour Burmese
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 16 March 2005
Sire -
Dam -


Ayla was a lovely outgoing little girl, who followed after the late Asha in becoming our resident escapee (or so she wishes!). She just loved to come out for a cuddle and a run around, and being one of the daintier mice in her younger days, would quickly find any gaps in the wire that I may have missed. She was known affectionately as Nutbar, as she would do anything and everything to climb onto me during playtime, and was impossible to get back into the cage when it’s time to go to bed. Ayla was named after a character in Jean M. Auel’s ‘Children of the Earth’ series. Her and her sister Nedra were a most beautiful pair of mice. They were much loved, and are much missed.