Zen Cian

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Name Zen Cian
Colour Black Tan
Type Standard
Sex Male
Date of Birth 17 March 2006
Sire Zen Ciaran
Dam Mountain Blue Angelina Ballerina


Cian was another in my beloved pet line, son of Ciaran. He was an only child (though he lived with his full brother from another litter, Lugh), and so was spoiled rotten by his mum until he was the chubbiest, pudgiest little guy you’ve ever seen! He stretched out a little as an adult, and actually ended up being a nice, svelte boy in the end, but was still gorgeous. He was not a show mouse, being mismarked, but had beautiful conformation (his dad’s) and a fair amount of white ticking that was technically a fault, but I love. He lived to the ripe old age of about 2 years old.


Sire Zen Ciaran Chinchilla Standard Zen Duncan Black Broken Marked Standard Brin Brindle (Headspot) Standard
Zen Piper Black Broken Marked Standard
Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat -
Dam Mountain Blue Angelina Ballerina Colourpoint Beige Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Snap Siamese Longcoat -
MB Roulette Siamese Longcoat -