Brylewin Dor

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Name Brylewin Dor
Colour Agouti Mismarked (belly spot)
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 9 May 2007
Sire ZEN Gunnarr
Dam -


Dor was an absolute nutbag. She was from Loki’s brother and a pet shop girl, bred by Lisa of Brylewin Rodentry, and obviously picked up her mother’s crazy temperament! As she got older, she grew in confidence and became very in-you-face attention-seeking – just what we like in a mouse. And she was such a beautiful girl – how could you not have loved her?


Sire ZEN Gunnarr Colourpoint Beige Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Creme Reverse Siamese Longcoat MB Koala Bear Siamese Longcoat
MB Cheeky Himalayan Standard
Agouti Mismarked (belly spot) Standard ZEN Gunnarr Colourpoint Beige Fox Longcoat
Dam - - -
- -