07/08/13 – Eevee + ZEN P-Body

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Eevee and Zen P-Body


Agouti self longcoat rex (Sir Jeffers)
Agouti tan longcoat x 2 (Chad, Impossibear)
Mismarked fawn/brindle x 2 (Catbug, Mancheese)


Sire Zen P-Body Straw Longcoat Rex Lucky Blue Sable Longcoat -
Fatmouse Blue Sable Longcoat
Zen Stealth Agouti Tan Longcoat Rex ANU Caesar Pink Eyed White Longcoat Rex
Mousekateers Tiida Lilac Agouti Longcoat Rex
Dam Eevee Champagne Marked Standard - -
- -