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Colour Argente Marked (belly spot)
Type Longcoat
Sex Female
Date of Birth c. 16 January 2008
Sire -
Dam -


I bet you’re wondering where on Earth I got that name from. Well, it’s from a wonderful game called Portal. It stands for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. GLaDOS is a violent, insane and ultimately caring and motherly computer presence that has some of the funniest lines ever written for any sort of character. Why did I choose to name this sweet, innocent mouse after such a thing? Well, she’s orange. And Portal is from a gameset called Orange Box. Ok, it’s weak. But it’s such a good character! Anyway, this GLaDOS was a lovely, confident, outgoing little girl who fit right into the Zen mouse family. She was often first out and about and always interested in me and the goings on. She did go through a bit of a homicidal period, now that I think of it. She just started hating every mouse, new or old. She had to live on her own for a couple of months because of it. But, she came good, and ended her life with the gang.