Zen Hanako

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Name Zen Hanako
Colour Colourpoint Beige Fox
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 3 October 2008
Sire Zen Loki
Dam Rocket Blue Moon


Hanako is a wonderfully beautiful mouse, inside and out. She’s gentle and caring, never mean or pushy. Always happy to be picked up, or climb on herself. A wonderful example of a Zen mouse. She was slated to have two litters, but after her first, we decided she’d made her contribution, and could rest. She has her father Loki’s eyes, and we sure hope she passes them on to her beautiful baby, Coraline.


Sire Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Creme Reverse Siamese Longcoat MB Koala Bear Siamese Longcoat
MB Cheeky Himalayan Standard
Colourpoint Beige Fox Standard Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat
Rocket Blue Moon Blue Longcoat Rex
Dam Rocket Blue Moon Blue Longcoat Rex - -
- -