Mousekateers Helena

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Name Mousekateers Helena
Colour Chinchilla
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth c. 1 October 2010
Sire MKT Papilio
Dam Devil's Daughter (Wild)


Helena is my wild girl! She’s actually only one quarter wild, but she follows after her grandmother in temperament (and her stunning looks). She’s calmed down a lot now, since having a litter of her own, and will now happily come up to me and hop on my hand. She’s startled easily, but even that is fading with maturity. I’m very pleased with her progress, and look forward to continuing the line.


Sire MKT Papilio Silver Agouti Standard APL Marty Ticked(?) Standard McFly Bone Standard
Chin Chin Ticked(?) Standard
ROC Chiquita Chinchilla Standard ROC Citrine Argente Cream Fox Standard
ROC Racket Chinchilla Longcoat
Dam Devil's Daughter (Wild) Agouti Rex MKT Devil Black Standard ROC Magoo Blue Tan Longcoat Rex Manx
NN Milly Black Tan Longcoat
(Wild) Agouti Standard -