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Name Maxim
Colour Black Mismarked (belly spot)
Type Longcoat
Sex Male
Date of Birth 28 October 2008
Sire Zen Loki
Dam Harleen


Maxim was bred by a girl who borrowed Loki as stud. He had the most remarkable coat as a young mouse – it was all guard hairs, and so fluffy! Lovely texture. Unfortunately he was in the wars a bit when he lived with some boys in his youth, and one too many bites on his bum left him a bit sparse. He ended up wonderfully grizzled, with a hole in his ear, a missing tail tip, and grey hairs all through his coat. A beautifully natured boy, possibly my most snuggly mouse ever. Nobody hunkered down to get ear scritches like he did. He will be missed.


Sire Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Creme Reverse Siamese Longcoat MB Koala Bear Siamese Longcoat
MB Cheeky Himalayan Standard
Black Mismarked (belly spot) Longcoat Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat
Harleen Black Marked Longcoat
Dam Harleen Black Marked Longcoat - -
- -