Avoca’s Nimue

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Name Avoca's Nimue
Colour Silver
Type Longcoat Rex
Sex Female
Date of Birth 11 May 2009
Sire UW Ocean
Dam CR Cerulean


Nimue is the funniest little girl! She’s squishy and soft and easily picked-up, always around, and sometimes nutty. She’s a real little character who grows in our hearts more every day. I dare you to hold her and not hold her up to your face and rub your nose in her fur – she’s just that cute!

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Sire UW Ocean Blue Self Longcoat UW Jasper Black Tan Longcoat LAM Billy Colourpoint Beige Fox
RR Marked By Doves Dove Broken Marked
ROC Tiny Devil Black Tan Longcoat ROC Orion Blue Tan Longcoat
ROC Moxi Havana Fox Longcoat
Dam CR Cerulean Blue Self Longcoat Rex ROC Jerry Lilac Tan Longcoat Rex ROC Crumble Longcoat
ROC Ice Ice Baby Pink Eyed White Longcoat
AVM Lucy Dove Tan Longcoat Rex AVM Belial Dove Self Longcoat
ROC Zombie Pink Eyed White Longcoat Rex