Pixody Pterodactyl

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Name Pterodactyl
Colour Overmarked Blue Havana Brindle
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth c. 1 February 2016
Sire Little Twitches Llyr
Dam Cyclone Triceratops


Sire Little Twitches Llyr Havana Standard MCM Unnamed Havana Standard LTM Unnamed Mock-Chocolate Brindle Standard
Unnamed Havana Brindle Standard
LTM Unnamed Chocolate Mock-Chocolate Standard LTM Unnamed Chocolate Standard
LTM Unnamed Chocolate Tan Standard
Dam Cyclone Triceratops Blue Mock Chocolate Brindle Standard LTM Hooper Sonic Boom Blue Havana Brindle Standard -
LTM Tallulah Chubby Toes Mock Chocolate Brindle Standard -