Rocket Samson

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Name Rocket Samson
Colour Blue Mock Chocolate(?) Fox
Type Longcoat Rex
Sex Male
Date of Birth 28 December 2004
Sire Charlie
Dam Willow


I can’t believe my Samson is gone. Samson was a stunning little mouse, with a unique personality who won the heart of anyone who met him. He consistently won and placed at almost every show he attended. His coat was so, so curly, and his colour still a mystery. Maybe he was lilac, maybe burmese, we’ll never know. His favourite thing was to snuggle into my hand with a look of adoration, and tilt his head to the side, close his eyes and lean into scritches around his cheek and ear. I’ve never had another mouse who would do this. He was also my bruxiest mouse – very few brux at all, and he was a master. The mousery will never be the same without you, Samson.


Sire Charlie Blue Broken Marked Longcoat Rex - -
- -
Dam Willow Champagne Tan Longcoat Rex - -
- -