Zen Selkie

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Name Zen Selkie
Colour Himalayan
Type Longcoat
Sex Female
Date of Birth 7 April 2006
Sire Zen Ciaran
Dam Mountain Blue Angelina Ballerina


Selkie was from Angel and Ciaran’s second litter. She had the sweetest personality, very confident and outgoing, always in the middle of things, or vying for my attention. She got all of her dad’s genes in that regard, and I’m exceedingly happy that the friendliness of the line is continued through her. She also won her share of awards because of her stunning temperament and gorgeous conformation. A very special girl who can never be replaced, one of my favourites.


Sire Zen Ciaran Chinchilla Standard Zen Duncan Black Broken Marked Standard Brin Brindle (Headspot) Standard
Zen Piper Black Broken Marked Standard
Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat -
Dam Mountain Blue Angelina Ballerina Colourpoint Beige Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Snap Siamese Longcoat -
MB Roulette Siamese Longcoat -