Zen Velvet and Smoke

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Name Zen Velvet and Smoke
Colour Chinchilla
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 2 March 2005
Sire Zen Duncan
Dam Wicket


From the day she was born, hairless and squirmy, Velvet stood out from the pack. She would follow me around the cage, demanding to be picked up. I could do anything to her, and she would simply look at me with adoration. She was truly a special mouse. In her prime, she was in the Top 3 girls of the colony, with Lily and Nedra, who worked together to lead. Velvet also thrived on the show scene, taking many placings and even a Grand Champion award! She was quite the little star, and the mousery will not be the same without her.


Sire Zen Duncan Black Broken Marked Standard Brin Brindle (Headspot) Standard -
Zen Piper Black Broken Marked Standard Circe Black Tan Longcoat
D’Arcy Brindle Broken Marked Standard
Dam Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat - -
- -