Welcome to Zen Mousery

Breeding quality fancy mice and rats for pet and show

Zen Mousery is a small mousery located in the Lower Blue Mountains, just past Penrith. I focus on producing outgoing, confident mice and rats with excellent conformation (big, clear eyes; large, well-positioned, crease-free ears; large in size without being fat; long tail; and strong, racy body type).

Zen babies are handled daily from birth, and in addition to great show prospects, make wonderful pets. I’m particularly interested in confident, curious mice and rats, and aim to produce the type of pet that will willingly run up your arm, and come to play with you, so you don’t need to chase them around. I value and select for active, outgoing personalities and have done so for many generations, ensuring this trait is set solidly in my lines.

Please note there are not always babies available for sale, and I do not sell mice as food, or as breeders to produce food.

The best way to keep track of mouse and rat litters and news is to follow the Zen Mousery Facebook page. For more information regarding breeding plans, to place a reservation, or to ask a question, feel free to contact us.

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