Zen Dangermouse

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Name Zen Dangermouse
Colour Bone
Type Standard
Sex Male
Date of Birth 6 September 2009
Sire DS Forensics
Dam Zen Aven


Dangermouse is a VERY special mouse! When he was but 3 weeks old, tiny and chubby and just a little bit popcorny, he went on the trip of a lifetime! He leapt off my lap, where I was sitting on the 1st floor deck – then bounded straight off the edge and down to the garden below, where he landed (as we would find a good half an hour of panic and frantic searching later) safely on the side of a low sandstone wall. How he survived the fall completely unharmed is a mystery. And thus, Dangermouse was born! On a more modern note, DM is an absolutely awesome mouse. He is boss of my (so far, touch wood) successful male colony, and with a firm but gentle demeanor, he keeps all the younger boys in line. He’s a bit battle-scarred these days, but still beautiful in my eyes.


Sire DS Forensics Bone Standard DS Bones Reverse Siamese Standard DS Timone Colourpoint Beige Longcoat
ZEN Freyja Colourpoint Beige Fox
DS Memphis Bone Standard BC Frosty Pink Eyed White Rex
BC Miami Bone Standard
Dam Zen Aven Bone Standard Zen Loki Bone Fox Longcoat MB Brandy Creme Reverse Siamese Longcoat
Bone Standard
Bon Appetit Pink Eyed White Standard -