Zen Nata

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Name Nata
Colour Colourpoint Beige
Type Standard
Sex Female
Date of Birth 14 May 2017
Sire Blazing Tails Freddy
Dam Minion Chanterelle


Sire Blazing Tails Freddy Siamese Standard Cyclone Clyde Siamese Longcoat Cyclone Bomber Siamese Fox Standard
Cyclone Mischief Maker Siamese Longcoat
Cyclone Bonnie Siamese Standard Tilly's Cornholio Colourpoint Smoke
Cyclone Sparkles Colourpoint Beige Standard
Dam Minion Chanterelle Colourpoint Beige Standard Cyclone Kronos Colourpoint Beige Standard -
Minion Sienna Siamese Longcoat Minion Gulliver Siamese Longcoat
Minion Silhouette Black Longcoat