Zen Aria

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Name Zen Aria
Colour Blue Agouti
Type Longcoat Rex
Sex Female
Date of Birth 7 July 2005
Sire Rocket Samson
Dam Wicket


Aria was an absolute sweetie who was often one of the first to come out and say hello, and clamber onto my hand at playtime. She and her sister Ember were inseparable, and would often play ‘Parent Trap’ style who’s who tricks on me! She had a beautiful outgoing temperament, with just enough spice to make things interesting. She was named after a dragon character in Graham Edwards’ series.


Sire Rocket Samson Blue Mock Chocolate(?) Fox Longcoat Rex Charlie Blue Broken Marked Longcoat Rex -
Willow Champagne Tan Longcoat Rex -
Dam Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat - -
- -