Zen Fortune

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Name Zen Fortune
Colour Argente Cream
Type Standard
Sex Male
Date of Birth 13 December 2005
Sire DS Zircon
Dam Zen Velvet and Smoke


Fortune was our little miracle man. He was a rare (and impossible to get without a spontaneous break and re-link of genes) pink-eyed chinchilla, or argente cream. A beautiful boy, always out there to say hi, but without being a nut. His two brothers, Ocher and Geiss, will miss him dearly.


Sire DS Zircon Chinchilla Standard - -
- -
Dam Zen Velvet and Smoke Chinchilla Standard Zen Duncan Black Broken Marked Standard Brin Brindle (Headspot) Standard
Zen Piper Black Broken Marked Standard
Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat -