Zen Gossamer

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Name Zen Gossamer
Colour Chinchilla
Type Standard
Sex Male
Date of Birth 13 December 2005
Sire DS Zircon
Dam Zen Velvet and Smoke


Gossamer was a member of Zen’s famous pet line. However, she didn’t have the gentle, quiet nature of most of the line – no, she was a little minx! Independent and feisty, and almost always refused to be caught – but would practically leap onto your hand if you offered it first, funny girl! She was a happy light in the cage, and is missed.


Sire DS Zircon Chinchilla Standard - -
- -
Dam Zen Velvet and Smoke Chinchilla Standard Zen Duncan Black Broken Marked Standard Brin Brindle (Headspot) Standard
Zen Piper Black Broken Marked Standard
Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat -