Zen Professor Lodz

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Name Zen Professor Lodz
Colour Blue Agouti
Type Longcoat Rex
Sex Male
Date of Birth 11 April 2006
Sire Rocket Samson
Dam Wicket


Lodz was my favourite of the three curly brothers (shh!). We think he was a blue agouti, and he had a beautiful face and an even more beautiful personality. He was always the first to say hello and the only one of the four who would consistently climb onto my hand. His coat isn’t quite as curly as his brothers unfortunately, but he makes up for it with style. He is named after a character in the gorgeous series Carnivale. Lodz and his brothers all died one hot summer day, due to a stupid mistake on my behalf. I miss them every day, and wish oh wish they could have made it.


Sire Rocket Samson Blue Mock Chocolate(?) Fox Longcoat Rex Charlie Blue Broken Marked Longcoat Rex -
Willow Champagne Tan Longcoat Rex -
Dam Wicket Agouti Tan (Backspot) Longcoat - -
- -