Zen Sabbath

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Name Zen Sabbath
Colour White Brindle
Type Longcoat Rex
Sex Female
Date of Birth 24 November 2005
Sire Rocket Samson
Dam The Rodent Ranch Beltane


Sabbath was a sweet girl with fur more fluffy than curly. Her mum, Bel, was a… well-rounded mouse, so Sabbath really had no choice but to end up the same way – but that’s fine with us, all the more mouse to love! We will miss the little pancake’s antics, and all the girls snuggling up to wherever she chose to sleep.


Sire Rocket Samson Blue Mock Chocolate(?) Fox Longcoat Rex Charlie Blue Broken Marked Longcoat Rex -
Willow Champagne Tan Longcoat Rex -
Dam The Rodent Ranch Beltane Black Eyed White Longcoat Rex - -
- -